Lacey Wenner

NMLS 606887

Loan Officer
Licensed in: Washington, Oregon, California

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Direct: 360-771-4030
Fax: 855-397-4447

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  • Everyone deserves your courteous attention.
  • Do everything with intention and purpose.
  • Share the gift of your presence in your interactions.
  • Treat sensitive matters with sensitivity.


  • Go directly at the issue.
  • Share info with others and accept their right to know.
  • Practice responsible communication.
  • Be willing to have difficult conversations.


  • Play to win and understand what winning looks like.
  • Be willing to fight for the best possible outcome.
  • Maintaining fiscal prudence applies to everyone and everything.
  • Be proactive and anticipate issues.
  • Always be learning and growing.
  • Win with humility. No job is too small.


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